Window Restoration and Repair

Wood window restoration and repair can often times be much easier than you believe. Old, tired wooden windows were originally designed to be easily repaired. They could easily be taken apart and then re-assembled on the fly to add new hinges, rails, mounting or panes. When there are damages though, the process of fixing them can become much more difficult.

Window Restoration and Repair

Window restoration and repair aren’t as cut-and-dry as some people make it out to be. There are many different aspects to take into consideration before taking on a large renovation project such as a replacement window. It’s important to have a qualified, licensed, and insured contractor on the job as they will be able to handle all of the necessary aspects. Here are some common window repairs and restoration techniques:

There are many different methods for doing window restoration and repair of old wood windows. The most popular one today is using a sash replacement as they are very simple to install and are very affordable. They also can completely replace the frame of the window making it appear as though it was brand new. Another option is to remove the sash altogether and use hanging organizers instead. This will allow the window to hang straight and help keep out any wind that may blow through the room.

The best way to go about window restoration and repair of old wood windows is to bring the inside and outside of the structure in for inspection. Bring in an expert to place a level and square glass on all sides. If you have any cracking or holes in the glass, this should be fixed right away. Remember to bring in a professional to fix or even replace any missing or damaged sashes.

One of the problems with using a wood windows replacement is that if the framing around the glass is in poor condition, you can still get a good fit. Using a few coats of primer, paint and caulking will help get rid of any rust or damage from weathering and age. Many times older wood frames will need to be stripped down to the bare metal. This will allow you to then sand the frame down to the bare metal and then re-stain and paint it.

Window restoration and repair of old wood windows can be very easy and inexpensive. With the cost of wood and labor, it makes sense to replace them as soon as they become unusable. You can bring in an expert to replace the sash or purchase a complete kit that does the job for you. Either way, it will look like a professional did it and you will be able to save money while at the same time making your house look great.