The Health Benefits of Drum Lessons

Whether you never played drums once upon a time or it’s a new pursuit, drum lessons are a great way to boost brain power, develop coordination and provide a fun outlet for stress. But that’s not all – studies show that learning a musical instrument is good for your physical health, too!

During the first drum lesson, your student should learn about steady beat and good hand technique. It might take a couple of lessons to get them comfortable with those fundamentals, but they should have the foundation they need to progress and succeed on the drum set.

Next, introduce a basic quarter-note rock beat. Have them count out loud as they play right hand strokes on the hi-hat, snare drum on beats 2 & 4, and bass drum on beats 1 & 3. This will help them understand how to play a drum beat, while also showing them that drumming requires counting and keeping time with your left foot (on the bass pedal).

When it comes to hand placement on the stick, make sure your student isn’t pointing their index finger along the length of the stick or holding the stick too tightly. Both of those mistakes will result in the student having to use a lot of energy when playing, and both can lead to carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries down the road.

Once your student has mastered the basics, it’s time to move on to more advanced techniques and beats. It’s important to keep their confidence levels high by letting them play with other drummers at their age in group sessions. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and build their self-esteem.

Drum lessons are also a great way to foster friendships and connections. As kids are grouped into bands for group lessons, they can start building long-lasting connections and even develop lifelong friendships with other children their age. In addition, playing music with others is a great way to improve social skills by encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

As adults, many of us have trouble finding time in our busy schedules to pursue hobbies that will keep our minds and bodies active. But learning drums is a great hobby that’s easy to pick up, doesn’t require any expensive equipment and can be done anywhere, all you need is a drum pad or practice mat.

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