Prestige Waterford Price Residential Communities

Prestige Waterford Price is a luxury residential development from Prestige Buildings located in ECC Road Bangalore. The Project includes an extended area on top of the hill on the east side of ECC road which will include residences and commercial establishments, business units and public places.

Prestige Waterford Price, a residential Project is a perfect destination to enjoy all the natural beauty, entertainment and recreational facilities of the city. It also provides easy access to the city by road or rail. The construction of the residential community has been made in such a way that it provides a pleasant living experience for residents.

Prestige Waterford Price, a residential development is the third such project in Bangalore. This community consists of apartments, villas and high-rise condominiums with excellent design and architecture. The project includes many amenities like schools, hospitals and shopping malls. The property is also surrounded by lush trees, green parks and gardens.

The development includes all the commercial properties in the City. This means all the business related establishments like shops, restaurants, banks etc. are located within close vicinity of residential areas. The residents are provided with complete and total privacy and security. The residents are provided with the facility of swimming pools, fitness centers, gyms, etc.

Prestige Waterford Price has some amazing features like the master suites, which have the best of the features that come with a fully furnished apartment. The master suites come with separate bedrooms and bathroom with their own luxurious bathrooms. Each suite comes with its own private balcony and pool with private Jacuzzi or sun deck.

Prestige Waterford Price is also one of the best developments in the Bangalore City with respect to its location. The residents are well located in close proximity to the city center, IT zone, Business district and other main centers of Bangalore including MG Road, Central Business District, Commercial area, MG Road. The residents are very close to all the major transport resources. Residents enjoy all the facilities of Internet, Television, Mobile Phone and Radio, Golf Course, Shopping Mall, Airplane FBO etc. The residents are given full freedom to choose the place of their choice by the developers for enjoying all these facilities.

The development has several high-rise buildings like five star towers, eight star towers, luxury high rise buildings, multi star towers, office buildings and residential apartments. This means that the residents will be able to enjoy all the luxury facilities like restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, hotels, schools and shops.

Prestige Waterford Price is one of the premier developments in the Bangalore City with respect to its location, infrastructure and luxury amenities. This project has been designed in such a manner so as to provide you all the facilities that are needed by the residents and it is the perfect place for those looking forward to living and making a home in the city.