IPQualityScore Checker API Review

If you are looking to reduce the risk of fraud and improve online payment processes, you should consider using an IPQualityScore checker. This tool allows you to analyze an IP’s reputation and detect suspicious behavior in real time. You can use it to identify high risk users, stop phishing attacks, and lower chargeback rates.

The IPQS API enables you to analyze a list of IP addresses in real-time and learn from the data. It can also score over 30 different data variables. When you have detected abuse, you can notify the website owner. The API will send an email to the account owner and send postback conversion notice.

IPQS is a premium, global fraud prevention service with a lightweight pricing structure. The company has a proven track record in stopping fraud across a variety of industries. IPQS works by analyzing an IP’s activity and reputation and identifying sophisticated and aggressive bad actors. It is available as a backend API or can be manually activated by adding a JavaScript tag to a landing page.

IPQS offers a free service for a limited amount of requests. A free account isn’t required, but it is limited to 5,000 requests per month. Once your account has been established, you can check the IP’s history, location, and score.

IPQS’s Proxy Detection API can help you analyze any IP address, and it provides over 25 risk analysis data points. Using this information, you can determine if an IP is a proxy, VPN, or compromised device.

Using this service is simple. Just enter the IP’s address in the search box, and you’ll be able to get an overview of its current status. In addition, you’ll also get a description of its score and its overall risk. For example, if an IP has been reported as a proxy, it is likely to be fraudulent. Likewise, if it’s a VPN, you’ll get a geo location, and if it’s a compromised device, you’ll know if it’s fraudulent.

IPQS’s premium version includes a Premium Account Feature, which indicates whether or not non-human traffic recently used the IP. Additionally, it provides additional data that¬†IPQualityScore URL checker helps you to identify if the address is a bot, a compromised device, or an emulator. These types of devices can be harmful, and can cause damage to your website’s rankings.

Another tool to watch out for is IP2Proxy. This tool is designed to help you detect web proxies, TOR traffic, and even hosting providers. Besides detecting proxies, it can also be used to track IP addresses and TOR traffic. As a result, you can make sure that your website is not infiltrated by malicious users.

You can also use the Risky IP Address Lookup Service to check for a proxy’s activity. It returns the overall fraud score, as well as the connection type (VPN, ISP, Residential, or Corporate). Also, it can be used to identify a proxy’s quality.

IPQS has several different risk analysis tools that are available for purchase. These include the Risky IP Address Lookup Service, the Risky IP Reputation API, and the minFraud Tool.