Home Care Redbridge in Kent

Home care Redbridge in London is a fantastic place to be when you need assistance. It has an excellent reputation for treating clients with care and respect, which are evident from the large number of clients it serves every single day. If you are looking for a great place to go and stay in while you are on holiday, this could well be the location for you. Here are some of the advantages of being treated by a registered home care manager:

Home care redbridge

As a client we were made aware of many benefits that came with being a registered manager. This made us aware that if we required any help or assistance from a Home Care Redbridge official, we would have someone to look after us professionally and thoroughly. Throughout our visit we were constantly given the option of talking to a Home Care Redbridge official on the phone. When the time came to have a scheduled routine inspection of our home by a registered home inspector, the Home Care Redbridge employees were present and provided a friendly and attentive service, which made the entire situation very positive for all involved.

Our next visit was also during the peak period of demand for Home Care. During this time period many people told us staff were very busy, which was a bit strange, given that no one had ever presented us with such high demand before. We were also told that, whilst their service was professional, they didn’t carry out as many inspections as we might like. This could be down to a problem with the Home Care contract and the need for extra supervision in certain situations. Overall, this was a very good experience for us all and definitely helped to make us feel more comfortable with our choice.

During our subsequent visits we were treated to a totally different approach to the Home Care contract. Firstly, we were told that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything having to do with the Home Care contract at all, and we were also told that our children would be safe no matter what happened. It didn’t seem like much to us, but when the following week’s visit came, we were shocked to see that this was not the case. We were then shown a document, which detailed a series of events which had taken place over a period of three months. As soon as we read this we realised it was quite serious and that our children were not receiving the level of care that they needed.

The next visit, in February, was also quite disconcerting, given that neither our children nor our Home Care Practitioner were at home at the time. Again, we were very surprised to learn that the Home Care worker who was supposed to come on one day, was actually there for ten hours! After this second visit, one of our sons asked us why the Home Care Practitioner wasn’t there on the first visit and he was told that he had another appointment. This was deeply unsettling, given that nobody knew what was happening and we had been told that the Home Care contracts specified that two people were present on each visit – one person in the morning and one in the evening.

My husband and I took the matter into our own hands and began making inquiries about Home Care Redbridge in the local press. We discovered that there were in fact no contracted personal care managers at all, but instead registered nurses and one un-trained assistant. We were also aware that they did not have any policies in place for how their staff should act towards the people they were supposed to be caring for. Obviously, there were serious concerns about the standards of the personal care they were providing.