Eclipse As Seen in Australia

as seen in Australia

As seen in Australia, Total Image Group. Political institutions and socio-economic conditions reinforce gendered stereotypes and behaviors. These structures reinforce such behaviours in the subconscious, as has been the case in Australia over the past 24 months. The recent sexual harassment scandal in the university sector highlighted endemic behaviours within Australian political institutions. While universities have taken steps to combat sexual harassment, they often focus on promoting reporting instead of exploring the causes of this behaviour. This is a missed opportunity.

The May 10 annular eclipse

The May 10 annular eclipse as seen in the Australia begins at sunrise on the west coast of Western Australia and crosses the Northern Territory. The annular phase of the eclipse lasts four minutes in totality, and lucky observers will experience the full effect for at least three minutes. It will be visible across SE Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Veteran eclipse chasers will try to view the annular phase at sunrise.

Kangaroo Island

The scenic drive to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide, South Australia, will take you to a unique island that is the equivalent of Manhattan. Although it is an island, it is not entirely isolated. Getting to the island is relatively easy, with a scenic three-hour drive or 30-minute flight. The island is incredibly diverse and sleepy, yet surprisingly beautiful. Think of it as an endless array of bands of colour, each containing its own unique character.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the world’s most iconic and photographed landmarks. It stretches 500 meters across the Sydney Harbor and is 134 meters high, making it the longest steel arch bridge in the world. While the bridge is an iconic image of Australia, it is not entirely made of Australian materials. Only 21 percent of the steel used in its construction was local to Australia, while the other 79 percent was imported from England.

The Great Barrier Reef

The default way to see the Great Barrier Reef is by snorkeling. For those who want to do something a little more adventurous, there are also scuba diving tours available. For $620 AUD, you can get a PADI open water dive certification, or learn about the reef by diving with a prodive company. Alternatively, you can take a tour of the Tjapukai Cultural Park and see the beautiful nighttime performances.

The Great Dividing Range

The Great Dividing Range is a mountain range in Eastern Australia. It is part of the Australian Alps and experiences high levels of snowfall in winter. Despite its relative lack of height, the range is still a popular tourist destination thanks to its rugged terrain. Early colonists faced difficulty traversing the mountains, but a route was eventually found in 1813. It is a great example of the Australian continent’s geographic diversity.

The Great Barrier Reef National Park

One of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef National Park in Australia is an incredible place to visit. This ecosystem is one of the largest and most diverse marine biodiversity ecosystems in the world. If you can get a chance, you should plan on snorkeling the reefs. For an even more exciting experience, try scuba diving. Regardless of how you get there, you’ll be amazed at the sheer number of colorful fish that live along the reefs.