A Guide To Lockyer Valley

Plumber Lockyer Valley is located in a quaint Victorian town in South Australia and is home to some of the most popular bushwalking tracks in the region. It’s also been a hot spot for bush walkers for generations, offering some of the most challenging and rewarding bushwalks in the country. Whether it’s your first time trying a local bushwalk or you’re a seasoned traveller who’s been to plenty of these tracks, there are several things you should know about Lockyer Valley.

Lockyer Valley has many different bushwalk tracks, all of which are easily accessible from the main town and provide great places for you to practice the skills you’ve learnt on your own. There are plenty of easy walking tracks to try out, starting with the Riverton Track, which leads down the Riverton River and across the Lockyer River. It’s relatively short and easy and it’s easy to find parking to park near the riverbank. The other easy track is the Riverton Track and this also provides plenty of walking, but is also fairly easy and doesn’t require too much walking up and down the Riverton River.

If you enjoy longer walks, then try the Baringa Track, which goes from the Lockyer River and along the Baringa Hills. You’ll find lots of different tracks to choose from here, including a trail going through the Baringa Bush. This is quite a long walk and requires you to stay overnight at some accommodation in the vicinity of the track – most people recommend staying at one of the many small Bed & Breakfasts around Lockyer Valley.

The Dandenong Track provides more walking than the other tracks and can be walked for as long as you like. It starts near the Cowlark Track, where you’ll find a number of fantastic hiking tracks and then follows along the Cowlark Track and the Dandenong River. The views are stunning as it follows along and it’s a great way to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife. There’s plenty of good walking around the area and if you don’t have any trouble with walking uphill, then this is an excellent choice for your first trek.

If you’d prefer something a little bit less strenuous, try the Stawler’s Track, which is the longest track in Lockyer Valley. It runs along the Stawler River from the Stawler River down to the Lockyer River and then back again takes you on an enjoyable walking journey across the Lockyer River before heading back down towards the Cowlark Track.

Both the Baringa and the Dandenong Track are popular bushwalks, so if you don’t think you’re up for the challenge of them, then you could always just pick the Riverton Track. instead! Although this isn’t the most difficult of tracks, it’s also not very long either, so you’ll have a lot of fun walking for a couple of hours. The Riverton Track is well maintained and is a great place to practice your bushwalks, so if you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s worth a try!